Residential Heating Services

Are you seasonally comfortable in your own home? Do you stay nice and cool in the summers but have a difficult time keeping warm in the winter? Action Mechanical is a leader in residential heating services and can help your family stay cozy and warm during chilly times. From installing a new furnace to routine maintenance with radiant heating systems, our team of licensed technicians can resolve all of your heating needs.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know if your home needs a new furnace or just a quick service. Don’t make the decision alone, let Action Mechanical help find the most beneficial solution for you. If the best option is to install a new furnace, our experienced professionals will communicate with you through the entire process so you are confident with our top notch service. However, if all you need is a repair or two you can still expect to receive the same detailed attention at your appointment.

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Action Mechanical provides services with radiant heating, thermostat installation, as well as sheet metal and ductwork. Whether your heating system is new or already in place, our team is able to customize sheet metal and ductwork to specifically fit your home. With our variety of services, Action Mechanical will affordably resolve your residential heating issues and prioritize your comfort.

Residential Boiler Services

As energy efficiency continues to come to the forefront of most home renovations, more and more people are switching to residential boilers systems in their homes. Boasting higher air quality, more consistent heating throughout your home, and minimal maintenance, a boiler may be the perfect solution for you if you’re suffering from a cold house or outrageous heating costs. Fortunately for you, our team of skilled experts at Action Mechanical specialize in boiler installation, repair, and maintenance. To learn more about why a boiler may be the right choice for your home, check out our article or give us a call today at 605-348-5212.

One of the most overlooked ways to maintain an efficient heating system is to schedule regular preventative maintenance. By maintaining the reliability of your heating system you can reduce the possibility of running into larger issues down the road, which could lead to costly repairs. Although emergencies are unexpected and unwanted, you can trust Action Mechanical to help. As a part of the Rapid City community for nearly 30 years, we ensure that someone is there for you in desperate times. Our team provides emergency services and an emergency after-hours phone number for you to reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Action Mechanical works hard year round to provide a wide variety of exceptional services that your home and family deserve. Don’t wait another chilly night, call and schedule an appointment today! #TakeAction

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