Taking home heating to the next level with residential boilers

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Are you tired of outrageous energy bills, poor air quality, and unreliable heating in your home during the cold winter months as the result of a tired furnace? Maybe it’s time to make the switch to a home boiler system with the help of the team at Action Mechanical!

Wait – you can have a boiler in your home in  that’s modern and not outdated? – Yes! You absolutely can!

What most people don’t understand is the difference between a furnace and a boiler, but the answer is simple: furnaces use forced-air heating that is sent through your air ducts, while boilers use boiling water and steam (radiant heat) to effectively warm your home with air that is continually filtered and recycled. But what’s all the fuss regarding boilers truly about?

Boasting optimal performance in the winter, less maintenance, and better energy efficiency than typical furnaces, home boiler systems offer a reliable source of heat in the winter that you can count on to warm your house. Whether your house is small or large, having a home boiler system is an effective way to ensure your entire home has evenly distributed warm air when the weather gets cold. It’s no wonder more and more people are sunsetting their furnaces and welcoming radiant heating in their home! But it gets better…

Did you know that some of the most energy efficient furnaces lose up to 35% of their efficiency in air ducts while boilers lose none of their efficiency traveling through pipes in your house? In fact, boilers become even more efficient as they send steam through your pipes. That alone is reason enough to consider making the switch to radiant heating! And who wants a dry house during the blistery cold days? With a boiler, you’re guaranteed to have a warm, humid air radiating throughout your house! As a plus, where furnaces collect dust and particles and spread them throughout your home requiring regular filter changes, boilers create cleaner air than you could imagine, forgoing the spread of dust!

Priced a bit more than the average furnace, boilers are a viable option for home heating that pay for themselves over time.

With a variety of fuel options to power boilers ranging from gas to oil to electricity and beyond, you’re certain to find the right unit to fit your needs, at a cost that won’t break the bank. No matter your needs, we’ll be here to help you find the right boiler for your home. Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned maintenance yet! While furnaces require semi-regular maintenance throughout the year, boiler systems typically only require annual maintenance, meaning you’ll save money in the long term. And when your yearly maintenance comes around, the team at Action Mechanical will be here to give you the best service you’ll find in Western South Dakota.

Do you have reason to believe a home boiler system may be the right choice for you? Give Action Mechanical a call today at 605-348-5212 to learn more about installation, products available, and the reliable services we offer pertaining to residential boilers!

If your finances stand between you and a reliable heating system, check out our financing page to learn more about the financing options available for you to get the service you need and deserve!

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