The frigid winters and dry air of South Dakota can wreak havoc on our homes and our health. That’s why Action Mechanical is proud to offer affordable whole-home humidifier system installations. You can control your home’s air quality and feel better about your family’s health and the longevity of your home furnishings, with a simple whole-home humidifier that requires little to no maintenance.

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Cut your energy costs

Whole-home humidifiers are an affordable way to control your home’s air quality, often helping to lower energy costs in the process. When your home has more moisture in the air, your home feels warmer, allowing you to turn down your heating units. The E.P.A estimates the average home owner sees a four percent decrease in their heating costs for every degree they lower their heating units. This can add up to substantial savings over the course of the year!

Set it and forget it

Whole-home humidifiers from Action Mechanical are a hands-off way to provide comfort to your entire home. Unlike space or room humidifiers, which only add moisture to one area of your home, whole-home humidifiers connect to your central HVAC unit allowing moisture to be pushed to every room in your home. The amount of humidity is automatically adjusted based on the current temperature of your home, allowing you to truly set it, and forget it.

Prevents damage

Low humidity levels in your home leads to damaged furnishings and structures. When the humidity level is too low, as is the case for most homes in Western South Dakota, household objects from wood furniture to artwork can be damaged over time as moisture is pulled from wood, paper and other porous materials. This can include items such as your photographs, books, musical instruments, picture frames, and more. Your home electronics are also at risk, as low humidity creates more static electricity in your home. More than just the annoyance, and sudden shock of getting zapped every time you touch something, that static electricity can damage the internal components of computers and televisions.

On the other end of the spectrum, a lot of moisture can cause paint to peel, drywall to get soggy, and carpets to grow mold or mildew. Whole-home humidifiers allow for a controlled environment, preventing many of these issues.

Health Benefits

Possibly the most important and beneficial aspect of having Action Mechanical install a whole-home humidifier system, is the numerous benefits you and your family’s health.

The colder the temperatures become outside, the faster the air becomes dry, meaning lower humidity. In the winter months the colder temperatures can increase the dependence on heaters, only further eliminating moisture in the air. With these two components working together, you may subject yourself to issues such as dry skin, itchy eyes, bloody nose and irritation of the throat and sinus.

While these may not seem like a serious cause for alarm, with time, exposure to low humidity levels may dry and inflame mucus membrane lining inside your respiratory tract. Impeding its proper function, your body becomes more vulnerable to catching colds, the flu, and a number of other infections. Cold weather and dry air also aid the survival of harmful viruses. So that lingering cold/flu bug that seems to get attached to everybody in your home, one by one? Low humidity in your home could be to blame. Installing a whole-home humidifier can help speed up recovery time and make your symptoms less severe.

Better sleep

Are you or your partner losing sleep due to loud snoring? Low humidity causes our respiratory systems to dry out, which is one of the number one contributors to snoring problems. A better performing respiratory system, combined with the overall coziness that whole-home humidifiers provide, make for a better night’s sleep. Your husband or wife will thank you in the morning.

As you can see, all the benefits are there. Give Action Mechanical a call today to schedule your whole-home humidifier installation. Our service professionals are ready to help you raise the quality of your home’s air, resulting in a raise in your quality of life.

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