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You've been there. We all have. You're supposed to be enjoying your hot morning shower, when you suddenly realize you’re standing in two inches of water. Water that is full of the same dirt, oil, and grime you just spent five minutes washing off your body. Action Mechanical is your local plumbing solution. Action Mechanical can help identify the problem and make repairs to get your plumbing back in to shape.

No home is immune to the annoyance of clogged drains. What many neglect to consider though, is the underlying damage that these issues can cause to your homes overall plumbing system. Over time, the accumulation of gunk that we put down our drains can begin to build up and corrode the interior of the pipes. This can lead to that nasty sulfur smell, and other funky odors that come creeping out of our drains, but more importantly, it can lead to damage of the entire plumbing system. This can result in inconvenient and oftentimes costly repairs. Routine plumbing maintenance might not sound all that fascinating, or you may just hope you never have to worry about it, but take it from us, it's not only necessary for keeping your systems operating at full steam, it can save you big bucks in repairs and efficiency costs.

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Action Mechanical offers a variety of affordable options to keep your drains operating at peak performance all throughout the year. Our licensed technicians can handle any size project, from bathroom sinks, to basement drains, to the dreaded standing water shower. Routine drain cleaning from Action Mechanical can keep those troublesome backups few and far between.

We use state of the art video inspection to get to the source of your troubles, which allows us to determine the most efficient way to solve the problem, resulting in money staying in your wallet! Our drain cleaning services can be combined with any of our maintenance service agreements, or called upon when the time for prevention has unexpectedly passed, and the water is rising.

For those really stubborn drains that put up a fight, our technicians can use hydro-jetting to fight back. Hydro-jetting is the process of using a high-pressured flow of water to scour the interior surfaces of the plumbing pipes, removing scale, grease and other debris that's built up inside the pipe walls over time. As opposed to rodding, where a plumber uses a tool to power a hole through the buildup, hydro-jetting achieves a comprehensive cleaning of the pipes.

You see, no project is ever too big for Action Mechanical. Our certified technicians are in your corner, with their gloves on, ready to fight back against stubborn drains and corroding pipes.

As always, Action Mechanical provides you with outstanding service, from friendly and reliable technicians, at affordable prices. Don’t wait until Monday morning, when you’re standing in the shower water, call us to schedule an inspection or cleaning today!

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