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Preventative Drain Maintenance Tips and Tricks

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Tips to Avoid A Clogged Commercial Drain
If you are a business owner with a commercial kitchen, you probably already know the importance of clean drains and pipes. A clogged kitchen drain can be a catastrophe. Regular drain maintenance is an important part of preventative care, and can alleviate any major issues in the future. Although drain clogs are part of what keeps us in business, here are a few tips and tricks to unclog your drains and keep them that way!

Discard Excess Waste in to A Garbage Can
Scraping the excess food off plates before washing can help reduce the amount of solid waste in your drains. It is important to pay attention to what is going into your drains to prevent future clogs. Try to avoid putting grease, eggshells and pasta down your sink. Most of these things can be eliminated prior to dishwashing and doing so can save you a lot of hassle down the road.

Use a Mesh Screen to Catch Debris
By installing a mesh screen or drain trap in your sinks, you catch larger debris before they even get into your pipes. This can really reduce the potential for clogs later on. Mesh Screens are easy and affordable to use. Not to mention it will save you the time, money, and energy of getting your pipes fixed later on!

Flush Your Pipes With Hot Water Regularly
After using the sink, especially after washing dishes containing large amounts of grease or sauces, try running some hot water for a few minutes to flush out any residue. This is a very easy step to take and can unclog your drains and prevent buildup over time to keep your pipes clean and functioning.

Have a Monthly Cleaning Schedule
Drain maintenance is part of the preventative care that will ensure working pipes. You can usually break up potential clogs by rinsing your pipes with baking soda and vinegar. More stubborn buildup can be removed with a drain snake or auger. Scheduling maintenance regularly can make sure that you get rid of any clogs before they become too destructive and need professional help to remove.

Don’t Forget About Your Floor Drains
Drains on the floor can easily become clogged unintendedly due to their location. It is easy for debris to get accidentally pushed into the drains while sweeping, so you want to make sure to be sure to steer clear while cleaning. Don’t forget to include your floor drains in your monthly maintenance schedule. They can be easy to forget because of their location, but it is important to remember so the pipes don’t dry out and cause foul smelling odors in your establishment.

If You Still Need Help, Call a Professional
If your current routine just isn’t getting the job done, call in a professional. Action Mechanical provides a wide array of services. Hydro jetting is a high-pressured water system that will remove buildup in your pipes. It differs from other drain maintenance techniques that just create a hole in the clog. Hydro jetting will completely remove the clog, and clean your pipes so they are as good as new! For more information about this, and all the services we offer, please call 605-348-5212 to schedule maintenance with one of our highly skilled, licensed professionals.

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