Make Sure to Add Air to the Spring-Cleaning List This Year!

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Make sure to add your air to the spring-cleaning list this year

It’s that time of the year—where you can finally open some windows, get some fresh air, and start fresh for the season! Spring cleaning is an important part of everyone’s annual routine. This is a good time to schedule maintenance and get all the chores you’ve been putting off out of the way. This is also a good time to assess things that you don’t normally think about, like your air quality! Here are a few tips, tricks, and products to consider when coming up with an air quality plan!

                How often are you changing your air filters? Make sure that this is on top of your priority list! You don’t want to be pumping pathogens directly into your home. Changing filters regularly can alleviate allergies by stopping particles from making their way into your airstream and harboring disease-causing bacteria and viruses! Being proactive can make all the difference when it comes to mold and other substances in your home!

                Spring allergies are about to be in full swing! Have you considered the role your indoor air quality can play in your comfort levels during times like this where allergy counts are excessively high? Make sure that your home stays a safe space from the outdoor irritants like pollen, dander, and ragweed! The outdoor elements should stay where they belong—outdoors!

Why changing Your air filters is so important

                Did you know that changing your air filters frequently can save you money? A dirty or clogged air filter can cause your unnecessary damage to your HVAC unit. Not to mention the cost of maintenance and operating costs! Do yourself a favor in the long run, and do this simple, but important task on time! Failing to do so can reduce the life of your HVAC unit, and pump the pathogens the clogged filter is unable to sort right into your home. All in all, you are also making the air cleaner which results in fewer allergies, less dusting, and an overall happier and healthier home!

When in doubt—Ionize!

                If the air quality in your home is top priority (which it should be), and a new air filter just isn’t doing the trick, you can also use an Ionizer. What is an ionizer you may ask? Remember Ions back from high school chemistry? They have an electric charge! This charge acts like a magnet that collects pathogens, particles, and gas molecules in the air! Once they are stuck together, two things happen: the first is they rob these particles/bacteria of hydrogen causing them to die, and secondly they make these particles stick together in bigger “clumps” that allow them to become big enough that a filter can catch them—leaving your home cleaner and fresher. What are the advantages of an ionizer instead of a regular HVAC filter? Our ionizers are auto cleaning, require little maintenance and can improve your facilities energy efficiency by up to 30%.

To make sure your ductwork is as efficient as clean as it can be, or to learn more about the Ionizers and instillation, call one of our highly trained and certified team of experts at (605)348-5212 to get or stay on the right track!

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