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Save water and money with these 3 simple bathroom upgrades

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Here’s a fun fact for you: your bathroom accounts for 60% of your home’s water usage. You have three heavily used water sources that account for all that water use; the shower, the toilet, and the bathroom sink. And if you live in a home with a spouse and three children, oftentimes they’re all being used at the same time. How? We have no clue, but it’s a very real thing.  

If you want to make some water-saving changes, while also lightening the impact on your wallet, read on about three simple upgrades you can make right now that will save you money

  1. Buy That Fancy Showerhead

Showerhead shopping can be a frustrating event, with literally thousands of options out there on the market, each choice looking more ridiculous and space aged than the last. We’re not here to promote any particular brand, that’s not our style. What we can tell you however, is that products labeled “WaterSense” are certified by the EPA to help save water and are most likely worth your attention when shopping for one of your bathroom upgrades. Showerheads labeled “low flow” are another good choice when upgrading to a more water conserving option, delivering just 2.5 gpm instead of the wasteful 5 gpm of older models.

Switching to a more conservative, water saving showerhead doesn’t mean sacrificing your shower enjoyment, not by a long shot. New technologies have allowed manufacturers to maintain the same level of water pressure, often surpassing your old showerhead even, while still reducing water waste. There’s even new models that have features like smart home technology, which conserve water and reduce energy use. Instead of wasting water while waiting for the water to warm up, this technology automatically reduces the water flow to a trickle when it reaches 95 degrees. No more letting energy-burning hot water go to waste! You simply get in the shower when you’re ready, pull on the showerhead’s built in lever, and the flow returns to normal. This new technology can save the average homeowner 2-6 gallons of water per shower, which in turn keeps money in your wallet!

  1. Replace Your Old Toilet

It’s no secret that the toilet is responsible for the most water waste in our homes. Nearly 1/3 of all the water in your home gets flushed down the toilet, sometimes at a rate of 7 gallons each flush! That’s an absurd amount of waste, and a ridiculous way to spend your hard earned money. You wouldn’t toss dollar bills into your toilet and flush, would you?

Thankfully, newer energy-saving options exist, and can reduce water waste up to 67%. Most of these new models fall into one of three types of water efficient toilets:

  1. Low Flow
  2. Duel Flush
  3. Pressure Assist

Pressure assist toilets use an air cartridge to push water from the tank, using as little as 1 gallon per flush. Duel flush toilets customize each flush for either solid or liquid waste, using less when needed. Low flow is exactly what it sounds like, and uses significantly less water than your old commode. You can even find some models that utilize all three variants to create a super conservation-friendly toilet. These are exciting times in the toilet industry!

Home Advisor surveyed homeowners and found that replacing a toilet cost an average of $377. Compare that to savings up to $2,200 over its lifespan, and that’s more than a 580% return on investment. No-brainer, right?

  1. Install a Low Flow Aerator

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’re guilty of leaving the sink running while you’re brushing your teeth, or combing your hair, or just standing there getting ready in general. This can often result in up to 3 gallons per minute to go down the drain. Buying an aerator for as little as $1 can reduce your water waste by up to 1,400 gallons per year. Cheap, simple, effective!

There are a ton of innovative new products out there that can drastically reduce the amount of water you waste in your bathroom, while not sacrificing performance. The best part is that bathroom upgrades not only save water, but compared to the rest of your home, cost very little to install, and promise some big savings on your water and energy bills. So go shopping, spend money to save money!

If you need help with installation of your shiny new bathroom upgrades, give us a call at Action Mechanical. Our licensed technicians are experts in all areas of plumbing, and are ready to help you save time, money, and water!

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