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Get Ready for Winter with a Pre-Season Heater Check

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Don’t wait until the temperatures are near freezing outside to worry about whether or not your heater will keep your home nice and cozy throughout the winter. With the chilly weather just around the corner, now is the perfect time to ensure your heating system is running properly. Performing pre-season preventative maintenance on your heating system keeps you from paying for costly repairs down the road, and helps you keep your home running efficiently and safely.   There are a few simple steps you can take now to ensure your heater works for you when you need it this winter.  

Check your air filters

It is recommended that air filters be changed at least every three months, sometimes even more frequently if you have pets, making the beginning of a new season the perfect time to take a look at your home’s filters and replace them as needed. Dirt and debris on the filter causes a reduction in air flow, making your heater work harder to move air throughout your home. That results in an increase in energy consumption and extra wear and tear on your heater. Regularly checking and changing your furnace filter is an easy way to keep your heater running smoothly, avoid future headaches, and save money. Now is also a good time to stock up on air filters for the year, as they typically are cheaper during the warmer months.

Clean air vents and ducts

In addition to making sure your air filters are clean, the air vents and ducts also need to be checked and cleaned so that your heating system has optimal air flow and can run efficiently. Air vents are simple to remove with a screwdriver, and easy to wipe down with soap and water. The hose attachment to your vacuum can be used to get dust out of the vent, but if there is a lot of heavy dust build-up, having your ducts professionally cleaned will be your best bet in making sure air can move freely through your heating system.

Keep your heater unobstructed

During the warm summer months while your furnace is not in use, it’s easy to let things accumulate near it, especially if your heater is in a laundry or storage room. Making sure there are no items near your heater, as well as keeping the area around it swept and as dust-free as possible, not only helps keep the air filter clean, but also helps in preventing a fire in your home. A good rule of thumb is to keep all objects at least five feet away from your heater, with flammable items being kept as far away as possible.

To put your mind at ease as winter approaches, call and schedule an appointment today for one of the professionals at Action Mechanical to come out and perform a thorough pre-season check of your heating system. Now through the end of October, heating system checks are only $99, making it easy and affordable for your family to stay snug this upcoming winter season.

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