Fall A/C Maintenance

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It’s easy to forget about all the hard work that your A/C unit put in over the summer as it transitions to fall. You stop turning it on every day, and suddenly it’s as though it didn’t help ensure you didn’t die of heat stroke on many occasions over the last few months. Hey, we get it. But you’re here now, and Action Mechanical wants to make sure you do the right thing, and give that A/C the maintenance it deserves for keeping you cool all summer. Follow these quick and easy tips, and it’ll be ready to crank out the cool air come next spring and summer.

Clean those air filters

You already know that having clean air filters is important when you are using your A/C unit, but it’s also important when you’re not. Before you forget about your air conditioner for the winter, check those air filters, and make sure you have clean ones in there. This extra effort will ensure that it is ready to start up and run properly when hotter weather hits. It will also help prevent any more buildup of dust and debris while it is not in use.

Call Action Mechanical to come do a fall maintenance check, and be sure your cooling unit is ready for winter- 605-348-5212

Clean up the area

Summer weather typically comes on just as quickly as it seems to leave in September. Be ready to use it when the heat hits by taking the time to clean up around it before putting it to rest. Twigs, leaves, debris, and dirt can get into your A/C unit and cause problems with the internal components. Take the five minutes to clear all of this away.

Clean the coils

The air conditioner’s evaporator coil and condenser coil collect dirt over the summer months from your lawnmower (and through the fall as the leaves change). This dirt reduces airflow and can cause your A/C unit to absorb heat. Clean the exterior area around the coils, and remove any debris. If this sounds a bit outside of your comfort zone, call Action Mechanical at 605-348-5212 and we will come out and perform the task for you.

Cover it up

It’s a good idea to put an insulated cover over your unit during the cold months to ensure that no unwanted debris gets in as the winds pick up. This will also help keep your cooling unit dry from ice, rain, and snow. Keeping it insulated from the outside elements will prolong the life of your investment.

Check your thermostat


Checking your thermostat may seem tedious, but it is an important part is preventative A/C maintenance. Your thermostat should be calibrated at least once a year, preferably during the switch between summer and fall. This way your air conditioner isn’t working an unnecessary amount right before you put it to rest for the colder months. A correctly calibrated thermostat prevents your A/C unit from overworking and keeps your energy bill low.

Call the professionals!

An HVAC professional should perform A/C maintenance on your system at least twice a year. This inspection is meant to detect any potential problems that could affect your unit during the colder seasons. The professionals inspect your filters, electrical switches, belts, contacts, motors, safety switches, gas pressure, and refrigerant levels. Finding problems early on can save you big in the long run.

Performing proper A/C maintenance on your unit before fall and winter hits can save you a big headache come summer. Having your unit stop working in the heat of summer due to poor pre-fall and winter maintenance is no fun. For this reason, preventative A/C maintenance measures are important. To take proper care of your A/C unit this cold season, call the professionals at Action Mechanical. Our certified technicians will make sure that your unit is ready to perform when you need it. Contact us at 605-348-5212 to schedule your A/C maintenance checkup, and ask us about your heating needs as well, as we head into winter in the Black Hills.






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