End of Summer A/C Maintenance

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We know, we’re not ready to say goodbye yet either. But the reality is, summer is coming to a close in the Black Hills and surrounding areas. While it wasn’t quite the scorcher that we are accustomed to, we’re pretty sure our A/C units are ready for a bit of a break after keeping us cool all summer long. Follow these easy end of summer tips to ensure your A/C unit is ready to go without fail next season. You can also call on the pros at Action Mechanical to come out and perform an end of season inspection of your cooling system, and get the peace of mind of knowing it will be properly serviced prior to hibernating for the fall and winter.

1. Examine Your Unit for Anything Unusual
Give your A/C unit a good visual checkup, and look for any frayed wires, leaks, or damaged internal parts. Crank it up and listen for any odd noises such as ticking, hissing, or rattling. If you hear anything that seems odd, or sense any odd smells coming from the unit, contact Action Mechanical immediately, we do not recommend trying to diagnose these issues yourself.

2. Get a New Air Filter
You probably had your filter cleaned at the start of the season, but after a couple of months, it has to be replaced for better performance. Changing your air filters is the simplest and easiest A/C maintenance job. Not only does it ensure that you are breathing cleaner and healthier air at home, but it also saves a fraction on your energy bill.

3. Clean the Condenser Coils
The condensation drain on your unit is a breeding ground for mildew and moisture, which can cause your system to work harder. Cleaning the drain is an easy step that you can to take to ensure your cooling system does not become clogged, impairing the systems output of clean, cold air.

4. Clear Away Any Debris or Obstructions
This is especially important given the amount of thunderstorms we’ve had this summer, resulting in trees and branches flying around our homes. Clear the area around the condenser, removing any shrubs, weeds, or fallen branches. Brush off any dirt and debris that may have built up around the area as well, to ensure it continues to put out sufficient air circulation.

5. Schedule an A/C Preventative Checkup
A preventive tune-up will keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently throughout the year, and also ensure that it’s going to be ready to tackle the heat from day one next summer. With a complete A/C inspection, you can be sure that your unit is all set for the seasons ahead, giving you peace of mind before the summer ends.

A/C maintenance is not a typical do-it-yourself project, and the importance of performing routine checkups can be easily overlooked. When in doubt, call the experts at Action Mechanical, and allow us to put your mind at ease by handling all of your cooling, and cooling system maintenance needs.

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