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Do I Need a Professional To Clear My Clogged Drain?

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Dealing with a drain cleaning project can quickly present some unique challenges to newcomers, but a qualified professional from Action Mechanical can remove the blockage without hesitation. Our team at Action Mechanical in Rapid City has the experience required to fix both commercial and residential clogged drains.

Most DIY types just don’t have access to the same tools that our team is used to working with on a daily basis. Our professionals know how to effectively handle equipment like our hydro jetting unit or our top of the line drain inspection cameras. We can perform a video inspection of all your drains and even offer you our professional analysis in order to perform preventative maintenance, and save you from any future headaches.

Our hydro jetting equipment pushes out up to 3000 PSI to clear out anything that may be causing a blockage. It’s also great for dealing with anything that would have become a problem later on.

We’re available for same day service for both commercial and residential drain cleaning appointments. Our qualified technicians are experts in all types of drains, and we can have your drainage system checked and repaired right away, no matter the issue.

Aside from just drain cleaning services, our 24 hour emergency services are available for main sewer openings, sewage pumps, sewage odor detections, odor control, frozen drain lines, drain installations, and drain repairs. We’ll take care of any and all issues you’ve got, whenever you need it done. We’re ready to assist if you’re dealing with a clogged drainage system in or around Rapid City, SD.

As an essential part of your home, Action Mechanical strives to ensure that your drainage system is functioning properly and smoothly without blockages. So the next time a drain issue arises, don’t wait for it to turn into an emergency situation. Whatever the need may be, you can expect to receive informed recommendations, efficient service, and quality assistance from Action Mechanical. Call and schedule a residential or commercial drain cleaning appointment with us today!

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