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4 Tips for Winter Heating Efficiency

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Although the days of cranking up the air conditioner for relief from the scorching heat are behind us for the year, there is another season coming up that’s notorious for making utility bills snowball – winter. Luckily, there are some easy steps you can take to ensure your home’s heating system is as energy efficient as possible so you can keep your family safe and snug throughout the icy months while saving as much as 30% on your energy bill. Read on for some simple HVAC maintenance tips you can use to prepare your house for the impending frost.

  1. Keep vents open and free of objects

Although it may make sense to close air vents in rooms that are not being used, closed vents can actually result in the chilly winter air more easily seeping through cracks in your home. This is because air is still trying to force its way out of the vents, causing pressure to build that allows outside air to enter. Not only will your heating system be working harder to move air past the obstacle, but it will also have to make up for the chilly air that enters. It is a good practice to keep all air vents open to allow for unobstructed air flow that assists in energy efficiency. 

It is also important to make sure that vents are not being covered, even partially, by rugs, furniture, curtains or any other object. This not only helps with air flow, but also reduces the risk of fire.

  1. Change air filters regularly

Changing your air filters at least every three months will also go far in improving the air circulation in your home. Dirty filters put more work on your heater in order to push air through, and also allow dust and other allergens to become trapped in and cycle through your home. If there are pets or people with allergies in your home, you should change your filter every month to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.

  1. Lower temperature when house is unoccupied

By reducing your thermostat’s temperature by just ten degrees for eight hours a day, you can save up to 10% on your energy bill. Using a programmable thermostat makes this task easy, as you can set it to lower the temperature after everyone is at work and school for the day, and have it scheduled to warm your house before anyone is expected home. With the surge of smart appliances in homes in recent years, having a programmable thermostat is quickly becoming a must, and the cost is comparable to non-programmable models.

  1. Schedule a pre-season heating system check-up with Action Mechanical

With a fall heating system check-up from the professionals at Action Mechanical, you can rest assured that your heating unit is running as efficiently as possible. During our visit, we’ll inspect, adjust, clean and run safety and preheating checks on your system, as well as identify potential areas of component and system failure. Pre-season heater system check-ups are included in a residential maintenance agreement with Action Mechanical, which you can learn more about here.

By following these easy HVAC maintenance tips, you can keep your heating system running safely and efficiently all winter long. Call Action Mechanical today at 605-348-5212 to speak with one of our professionals about how we can help you with maintaining your home’s heating system.

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